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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Investing in a high value sector with a global competitive advantage

Australia/New Zealand is internationally renowned for the development of high quality fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). M.H. Carnegie has partnered with industry experts, the Quinn Family and Saleslink, to identify, invest in and grow leading Australian/New Zealand FMCG brands.

Utlising our in-house financial expertise, the Quinn Family's extensive operational FMCG experience and deep industry networks, as well as Saleslink's strong history of growing FMCG brands in the major supermarkets, M.H. Carnegie aims to assist passionate business owners grow and achieve their visions for their brands.

Through this partnership, M.H. Carnegie looks to create substantial value in its investments to deliver strong risk adjusted returns for the investors in its fund and for the existing shareholders in the businesses it invests in.

More on our partners

Saleslink -  Saleslink is one of Australia's leading outsourced sales and merchandising service providers to the FMCG sector. The team has a wealth of experience and relationships with the major supermarkets and a track record of accelerating brand growth in this channel

The Quinn Family - Tony Quinn and Christina Quinn founded VIP Petfoods in 1994 and subsequently developed it into the 15th largest pet food producer in the world, selling the business in 2015 for over $400m. Following this success, the Quinns purchased Darryl Lea out of administration in 2012, radically transformed and revitalised the business, selling  for a reported ~$200m in 2018. The Quinns are supported by Rex Devantier, who brings a wealth of sector and management experience to the partnership.

Case Study
Company Capilano Honey
Date of Investment July 2012
Investment Status Exited (June 2014)
Key Return Metrics 65% IRR, 2.6x MoM
Deal Summary Founded in 1953, Capilano Honey is a publicly listed honey packing business that exports to over 33 countries and is one of the largest honey packers in the world, with a capacity to process and pack over 45,000 tonnes of honey per year. The investment was initiated following a proprietary approach to Capilano by Saleslink and Saleslink sold its interests in June 2014.
Value Add
1. Saleslink assisted Capilano in its distribution strategy, identifying the need for product development and shifting the company’s focus away from a homogenous private label brand framework towards innovative and value added products
2. Assisted the company to negotiate higher prices with Coles and Woolworths
3. Facilitated overseas expansion

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