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Opportunistic Investments

An alternative asset manager  ready to capitalise on opportunities as and when they arise - We Seek to provide flexible and custom solutions across the capital structure in special situations, areas of market dislocation or misunderstood businesses

With a broad range of skill sets and many years of investment experience, M.H. Carnegie has proven itself in investing across a variety of sectors and asset classes, where it believes there is value to be created for both investors and the companies it invests in.

We invest across a variety of sectors, asset classes and business circumstances, but in particular look to partner with business owners who are seeking transformational capital to help accelerate their vision for the company.

Through its extensive network, M.H. Carnegie will recruit partners and co-investors who are industry leaders. These partners provide great support for the leaders of any businesses we invest in and add substantial value to any investment.

Case Study
Company RevTech Media
Date of Investment April 2012
Investment Status Current
Deal Summary One Big Switch launched in 2011 as a standalone website helping Australian families negotiate group discounted electricity offers. It was a single digital format, selling a single product, with no formal media partners. Since 2011, with M.H. Carnegie's assistance in terms of strategic guidance and capital support, One Big Switch has rapidly evolved to a multi-platform media and technology services business selling multiple products, on multiple platforms, with the help of multiple media partners.
Value Add
M.H. Carnegie is an active member of the board, providing capital as well as transaction execution and strategic support to Founder and CEO, Lachlan Harris to assist in rapidly growing and transforming the business

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