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We have assembled a first-class, multi-disciplined team with the experience, skills and track record to accelerate growth and create value. Our team includes 10 investment professionals with more than 100 years’ combined experience between them. We are team players who value partnership in striving for a superior outcome.



For investors:

We believe in a partnership with you.  Too often people in our business forget you are our clients and it’s your money.  We want to hear your views and the investments we make will be informed by them.  As enthusiastic proponents of the co-investment trend in alternative asset investing, we think that this further strengthens alignment. 

Experience has shown that the way for us to deliver the best outcome we can for you is to have our economic interests aligned as closely as we can with yours.  As the old Australian saying goes: 'In the race of life always back the horse called "Self-Interest" as that's the one you know is trying'.  We do this by making sure our money is invested alongside yours, together with only receiving our override after you receive adequate base return.

The settled research has proven that the bulk of an investor's returns are delivered by asset allocation and that is your task; ours is investment evaluation which is an important but derivative task.  As alternatives become a bigger part of a portfolio, the simple categories that large investors used to make no longer suffice.  You now need a better way... Read More


Working in partnership with industry leaders to maximise our team's ability to manage multiple platforms