Mark Carnegie on Wisdom of the Crowd, PR, Community & Failing Fast and Small. [podcast - WMTW 057]

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by Toy Jenkins
18 Dec 2014

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“A group of people can come up with a better decision
than any individual.” ~ Mark Carnegie

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Key points

  • Mark is the owner of MH Carnegie & Co., a venture capital, private equity, and corporate advisory firm in Australia.
  • How Mark moved from zoology and law to investment banking and the advice that guided that path.
  • The importance of reading and how being a misanthrope (someone who dislikes humanity – his own words!) can be useful.
  • His marketing philosophy that was inspired by Australia’s best known advertising man – John Singleton
  • Marketing is getting people in a tent and sell them something but first, entertain them.
  • Why he actively focussed on building a community around his business
  • Why you need to make it enjoyable and engage people.
  • Why you must become your own public relations firm.
  • “Fail fast, fail small and try again.”
  • The 3 criteria to look for in an investment
  • The 3 things you need to become a successful investor
  • What he keeps pinned to his wall to prevent him forgetting about his failures.
  • Group intelligence is better than individual intelligence.

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